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Muchachomalo Swim shorts Navy + Free Boxer

* Boy's swimming shorts
* With inner shorts
* UV50+ protec..
€29,95 €17,95

Muchachomalo Swim shorts Papaya

* Swim shorts for boys
* Papaya
* Fitted with inner pants..
€29,95 €17,95


Besides underwear and pyjamas we also have super cheerful and hip swimwear for kids. It's sometimes quite difficult to find nice swimwear for kids, but not with us! We have super nice swimwear for kids from a number of different brands. For the girls of course bikinis with different styles of bottoms and tops. because every child has a body model and not every bikini looks nice on every girl. Sometimes a girl's bikini with cut-up bottoms is a perfect fit, at other times a girls bikini with shorts looks better.

Girls swimsuits are also part of our range of swimwear for children. We have beautiful fashion swimsuits and also some sportier swimsuits for girls.

For the boys of course swim trunks and shorts in different lengths and colors. Boys swimwear should mainly be cool and sporty and of course comfortable to wear. All our children's swimwear is made of a fabric with UV50+ protection. Safety first


Oh and how wonderful that sun is, we all enjoy the long sunny (summer) days to the fullest. We need to refuel on vitamin D, right? Unfortunately there are also disadvantages to bathing in the sun. You can get sunburned and the UV radiation in sunlight is not good for your skin (also promotes the aging of the skin, and that's something we as mothers don't like at all of course).

You can of course protect yourself and your child(ren) by using sunscreen products, but that's not the full solution, certainly not with regard to the protection of the vulnerable children's skin.

In our opinion, UV (swimming) clothing has actually become indispensable when bathing and playing in the sun, even in our Dutch climate. The best protection against the negative effects of sunlight (i.e. ultraviolet radiation) is obtained by having your children wear UV-resistant clothing. It is the densely woven fabric of UV resistant swimwear that ensures that UV radiation does not reach the skin. There is no chemical substance or something like that involved and that is of course great.

UPF and SPF:
Again, the best protection against the sun in the open air is to wear UV resistant clothing that protects yourself and your children from the unpleasant UV radiation. How well the protection of the (swimming) clothing is indicated by the UV-protection factor (the UPF) and often also by mentioning the SPF (the Sun Protection Factor). The SPF indicates how much longer you can stay in the sun whilst wearing the UV clothing without burning (actually as indicated on sunscreen products). An additional advantage of UV swimwear is that you are also protected against sun allergies. 

The children's UV clothing we buy from Petit Crabe, for example, gives maximum protection: the UPF 50+ protection and that means that more than 97% of the dangerous UV-A and UV-B radiation is repelled by the fabric of the articles.

And furthermore.......:
For full UV protection, we recommend that you generously apply sunscreen to all uncovered parts of your child's body (such as feet, hands and face) and, if possible, have your child wear a sun hat. It is not necessary to use sunscreen underneath the UV swimwear, because the clothing provides sufficient protection.

UV swimwear is especially important for young children. Babies under one year old are simply not allowed in the sun, because young children do not yet have enough pigment in their skin to have enough protection against UV radiation. Make sure that you avoid high UV exposure and even more burning. Research has shown that children under 10 years who have been in the sun many times without protection, later have an increased risk of skin cancer.

So, now you know. Take sufficient measures to prevent skin burning by sunlight. UV (swimming) clothing can help you with this.


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Persoonlijk advies & service
Voor 16 u besteld? Zelfde werkdag verzonden
Gratis verzending v.a. €75 (NL) - €100 (BE)
Super leuk kids ondergoed en pyjama's!