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Children's underwear : what can we say about it?

Well, actually more than you would expect. After all, we are talking about clothing items we buy for those who love us most, and then you want to know what to look for when you buy children's underwear and whether more expensive really is better. And what about the thinking of fit? To these, and many more questions about underwear for children, we will try to give you the best possible answer.

Good children's underwear where do you recognize that?

First of all, underwear for children should just sit very well, that means that the shirts, shorts and t-shirts should be made of a top quality soft cotton with a large dot of elastan in it so that the garments do not pinch and stay in place (we don't like underpants that have to be picked every time between buttocks, or shirts that after 1 x wash just 4cm shorter) 
Also important is that the beautiful kids underwear was after washing also just remains beautiful so that, when one child has grown out of it another child (and often several other children) can also enjoy it. 
The children's underwear of the brands we carry is a bit more expensive, but ultimately cheaper and certainly more durable in the long run: you certainly do not throw our underwear for children away quickly because it is worn and out of model.

Beautiful children's underwear is that necessary?

Because children get warm quickly (somehow the heaters are a bit higher) you often see that during an afternoon of indoor play one after the other takes off his shirt, sweater, cardigan and often trousers and then continue his activities in underwear. And let's be honest, we as parents (especially the mothers) want our child to appear in his or her underwear during a sleepover or a sports activity? In short, then you're quickly looking for underwear for children that doesn't have to be ashamed as outerwear.

How long can a child wear a certain size of children's underwear?

In principle, we maintain the rule that you buy underwear in your child's current clothing size. For very small children you sometimes buy the bottoms a size smaller. Because all our kids underwear contains at least a 5% elastane, the underwear always fits neatly and a child can often wear the same size of underwear for 1.5 to 2 years. If there are strings of the waistband and/or legs visible on your child's skin, then it is certainly time for a size bigger, but usually we don't let it get that far right?

How do you wash and dry your children's underwear?

All our children's underwear can be washed at 60 degrees in case of emergency (in case of serious soiling we'll say) but with modern detergents you get everything perfectly clean at about 30 degrees.
Although all the labels on our children's underwear state that you better not put it in the dryer, we think you should! 
As a test we always wash children's underwear of a brand new to us a few times (the first time we let it dry on the line twice) and then put it in the dryer over and over again. Sometimes an elastic band can discolour a little, but if the fit and the fabrics remain beautiful, then you can have such a brand in our collection (nice hey?).

Kids underwear: how do you choose that?

All those nice kids underwear! And then it becomes very difficult to choose! A pair of Zoizo pants or rather Claesen's? It all depends on the fit, what's the best thing for your child?
As a rule, the boxer shorts for boys of almost all our brands have such a cut that they fit (almost) all boys well. Narrow hips or a bit firmer, the elastan that is used in the boxers for boys and the legs ensure that the boys underpants usually fit perfectly. We do notice, however, that boys more often choose a size smaller underwear than outerwear than girls. Boys go for print and comfy, but beware: when it comes to kids boxers, they are very aware of the brand (who would have thought so?).

For girls the situation is somewhat different and the choice of models is wider.  We have different types of underpants for girls: 
A.    Slipje : the "old-fashioned" cut-up underpants model. Also very suitable for the somewhat "fuller" girl and also the little ones feel really comfortable in these underpants.
B.    Hipstertje : these pants are a bit lower on the hip, so well under the navel but cover the buttocks at the back completely. Also nice for the really super slim types with little buttocks. We often recommend this also for the older girls.
C.    Boxertje : the most popular model, these pants close front and back high, say navel height. These pants have a small leg (max 1,5 cm) and are very suitable for girl with a little more "buttocks", but also looks nice.

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Persoonlijk advies & service
Voor 16 u besteld? Zelfde werkdag verzonden
Gratis verzending v.a. €50 (Nederland) - €90 (België)
Super leuk kids ondergoed en pyjama's!